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Importance of cell phone repair stores

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Importance of cell phone repair stores:

Are you wondering why it is better to repair a mobile in the official technical repair service? Repairing your mobile anywhere can bring you headaches. We tell you why it is important to repair a mobile in the official technical service.

Repairing a mobile in an unauthorized store, or a technical service that is not the official one, can bring us many problems. But why is it better to use the official technical service? You will get to know in this guide.

A woman takes her phone to any phone shop to be repaired, for whatever reason. When she gets it back, she starts noticing strange things. The phone runs out of battery fast, it doesn’t work at all well. And the last straw for her comes when she discovers photos and videos of her on the phone that she has never taken. Yes – That’s true it. It happens when you handover your cell phone to an unauthorized cell phone repair store.

The importance of repairs at authorised repair stores:

Your mobile is always with you and, when the time comes, it can break. In this situation, it is tempting to go to the cheapest repairman and believe that the result will be the same, but by trying to save a few dollars, we can end up having a botch, potential security problems and, in addition, having to pay more. But do we really understand the difference between an official and an unofficial repair?

What is an official repair? And an unofficial repair?

From here on, it is convenient to make a separation between official repairs and unofficial repairs. Although it may seem that the result is the same, one does not imply the same risks and results as the other.

Official repairs are those carried out by the technical service of the brand of our smartphone. It can also be a technical service that is not of the brand, but is authorized by the brand to repair your devices.

Unofficial repairs are those that can be done by anyone, regardless of the brand. It can be a technical service without affiliation, it can be a workshop, a repair shop… Repairs that we can do ourselves would also be included.

What are the risks of an unofficial repair?

And those are not all the risks. In addition to the above, unofficial repairs may void our warranty, making us unable to exercise it in the event of a problem. It can also put us in danger if it has been repaired poorly or if it has not been done with official parts, as experts warn.

In the end, repairing a mobile in the official technical service store like Global Cell Phone Repair Service is a guarantee that no missing parts will slip in, nothing will break and our guarantee will remain intact. In addition, the most important thing is that we will be sure that the phone will work when it is back in our hands.

Unofficial repairs – consequences told by professionals:

Unofficial repairs may not only not solve the problem, they may also cause more. Some users have found disconnected cameras, broken cables, motherboards with irreparable damage, broken casings, wrongly placed screws or even missing screws…

Presence of fake components:

In addition, they can give us a poke and repair our phones with non-original components. For example, an aftermarket screen may not detect touches or may not be bright enough. Unofficial proximity sensors also give a lot of failures. It is a more serious problem than it seems.

User recklessness:

Some users can also cause damage when they try to repair the phone, even if they are careful. Many users have raised the complaints that they have come across punctured batteries, with the risk of combustion that this entails. Another of the most common damages is breaking the casing when trying to remove it, along with broken cables.


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Importance of cell phone repair stores

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