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iPad Screen Repair: Apple

Let’s face it: accidents are inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how much we take care of our most beloved devices, sudden mishaps like minor slips and falls are some of the cases that we just can’t control.

An inadvertent slip of our Apple iPad from our hands can lead to a cracked screen, which completely ruins our entire day to the core. Nobody wants that, we know. If the circumstances have not been good for you and you need Apple iPad screen repair, you are in the right place.

At Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair, we are experts in Apple iPad screen repair in no time.

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When you accidentally break your iPad screen, your first response would be to find out all about Apple iPad screen repair. This is a crucial action before handing over your device, as Apple’s rules regarding Apple iPad screen repair are complicated. Even if your iPad is still covered by Apple’s one-year warranty, certain accidental damage isn’t counted at all.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly understand the company’s regulations to know how much you will lose from your bank to repair your device.

So, leave your device in the hands of experts at Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair. We are one of the authorized Apple technicians. We have the best facilities and staff in Langley and so we are suitable to repair your Apple device with full guarantee and safety. And of course, all replacement parts that your device may need will be original parts.

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Does AppleCare cover crack screens?

The answer is a big yes. While buying Apple devices isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, having one is a huge advantage if you’re faced with a cracked iPad screen. For a certain amount, AppleCare extends for two years and covers accidental damage to the iPad screen for a service fee, regardless of the iPad model.

However, if you don’t have AppleCare, an iPad screen replacement costs almost the price of a new refurbished iPad. But don’t worry! Just take your device to us at Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair in Langley and we will get it repaired at a very cheap price and the quality of our work is guaranteed!

Cracked iPad Screen: How to Repair and When Should You Send It in for Fixing?

Older iPads employ a glass and digitizer assembly (for touch sensitivity) and a separate LCD panel underneath. So, if you accidentally broke your iPad screen but you can still see the images clearly, that means your LCD screen is safe and only the glass/digitizer needs to be repaired.

On the other hand, newer iPads use a glass-fused digitizer LCD or OLED panel similar to the latest iPhone models. Therefore, you will have to replace the entire display construction regardless of which display component is broken. This is why newer generation iPad screen repair is more expensive than older ones as the digitizer glass and LCD panel are fused and function as one.

But BEWARE! DO NOT try to repair the iPad screen by yourself to avoid deeper damage. It needs to be repaired by a professional technician only.

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At Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair, our senior IT tech professionals with years of Apple equipment repair experience can completely disassemble your iPad device and bring it back to life by replacing or repairing smartphone parts. We can carry out these Apple iPad screen repair services on all models, although sometimes the repair is not worth it, we will advise you so that you can decide what is best for you with information.