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Broken Back Glass Repair

Broken Back Glass Repair / Replacement Services:

Broken Back Glass Repair: If you need to change the back cover of your iPhone or Tablet, in Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair, you will find the best and most trustworthy broken back glass repair and replacement in Langley.

From the launch of the iPhone 8, the company changed its usual back cover for a thin glass that provides a beautiful design to the terminals and makes wireless charging possible.

Even so, this new design makes the devices much more vulnerable to any type of blow. Now it is much easier for iPhone users, after an unfortunate fall, to have to change both the screen glass and the glass on the back of the device. This makes broken back glass repair/replacement always much more expensive than in previous iPhone models.

To avoid this, there is nothing better than taking extreme care of your iPhone X and protecting it with a case or cover to reduce damage from any type of impact. If this is not enough or it is already too late because the back glass of your cell phone is broken, we will repair it at a very low cost.

Why repair the back glass of the cell phone or tablet when it breaks?

At Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair, we know that having a cell phone or tablet with broken back glass, in addition to being unsightly, is a real nuisance since we use this device at all times in our daily lives. In addition, this breakdown can even be dangerous since the microcrystals can cause injuries to our hands when using the phone.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter if the back cover for iPhone you need is white or black since in our stores you can get the best service for broken back glass repair or replacement in Langley. Also, you will get your device on the same day with the best quality price on the market, and without an appointment!

If you prefer, you can also request a home collection of your device and we will take care of everything so that you receive your fully repaired iPhone or tablet in the shortest possible time.

How much does it cost to repair the back of a cell phone or tablet?

Broken back glass repair or replacement of the iPhone or tab with the manufacturer has a high cost since no such repair is carried out and they will provide you with new equipment known as refurbished. In our technical service, on the other hand, our technicians are certified and so they will take care of replacing the part with the highest quality materials and a 6-month guarantee.

If you are interested in knowing the price of repairing the back glass of an iPhone or tablet in our repair centers, you only have to visit our store and we will check your device.

Everything you need to know about changing the back glass of a cell phone or tablet

The repair of the glass or tablet’s back glass cover is not a simple operation since the part is welded to the camera and the wireless charging system. Our technicians are perfectly trained for it and they perform this type of operation daily, but the process requires more time than usual compared to the screen replacement operation.

At the Global Cell Phone & Laptop Repair centers, we can mostly change the rear glass on the same day without the need to make an appointment.

We usually have the replacement component in stock, but if you want to make sure you can contact us so we can inform you in advance.

This broken back glass repair or replacement service in Langley does not imply the loss of data but it is always advisable to make a backup before leaving any device in technical service.