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Water damage repair service in Langley:

Dread! Your cell phone has fallen into water or another liquid and got wet, it won’t turn on… You didn’t have any backup made, you’ve lost your photos, your videos, and all your data… What can you do? Trust professional technicians at Global Phone Repair for water damage repair service in Langley, all is not lost yet, your cell phone can be recovered easily – don’t worry!

One of the riskiest services is the repair of the wet iPhone, Samsung, iPad, and other tablets, because due to not knowing the seriousness of the cell phone and tablet. It is very important to know that when a cell phone falls into the water, the reaction time is very important since it depends on it those other components are not compromised.

What to do when a cell phone or tablet gets wet?

DO NOT use rice if your smartphone has gotten wet. It’s grandma’s home remedy. Everyone knows that this cereal absorbs moisture. Many devices that are left submerged in rice the next day seem to work, but we don’t always have a happy ending. The rice removes moisture from the devices but if there is corrosion in the circuits or a short circuit, do not count on the homemade salvation.

So now, you must be confused about what to do when your cell phone or tablet is damaged by water? Don’t worry! just take the phone out of the water and turn it off completely. If there is water inside the cell phone and it is still on, the circulation of electricity through the circuits and components of the cell phone can cause corrosion and serious damage, in some cases irreversible.

Water acts in a general way on the phone, and if we talk about thicker liquids such as sodas, or sugary drinks, the damage can grow. In case, the best bet is to take your device to a trustworthy service center for water damage repair.

At  Global Phone Repair in Langley, every day we get more cases of wet phones and tablets and thousands are stories that end with a bad ending. You may have dropped it in the pool, gone into the toilet, or dipped it in the sink. They show up almost every day at our water damage repair shop. It is one of the most common accidents that exist. Below we explain the main breakdowns when you wet a cell phone.

What are the most common failures when a cell phone or tablet gets wet?

– The screen does not respond well, loses brightness, goes black or the touch does not work. Small drops or spots may also appear under the glass.

– It doesn’t charge properly, runs out of battery very quickly, or gets too hot for no apparent reason.

– Camera, microphone, speaker, or buttons suddenly don’t work.

– Your phone’s vibration, Wi-Fi, or coverage stops working.

– When you plug in your headphones you don’t hear anything.

If your cell phone gets wet, it is better not to do anything. Miracles do not exist. If you don’t know what to do, DO NOT do anything. Not trying to light it, not trying to dry it, not trying to do… just bring it to us at Global Phone Repair in Langley.

Trust expert technicians at Global Phone Repair:

All is not lost yet, trust Global Phone Repair, our specialist technicians can get you to enjoy your cell phone again as before the incident.

At Global Phone Repair, we try to recover your cell phone or tablet using a deoxidation treatment. First, all the components of the device are reviewed in detail to find the damaged parts and see to what extent the cell phone has recovered. Next, the damaged components are repaired and the device is recovered, whenever possible.